The project is a collaborative project including myself and six other developers. This is currently a work in progress. Paprika is an adventure puzzle platformer that takes place within the dream world of the protagonist Aeryline. Aeryline is a six-year-old girl who loves to express herself artistically. In her dreams, she much more empowered. This game is being built in Unity due to the accessibility as well as the reliability of the software. My roll is the sole programmer so far. I have created a character controller, camera controller, as well as the other gameplay features such as the projectile system, enemy interaction and game state manager. Character movement is created through physics by modifying the character's velocity based on the input. The character will move across the ground plane uninterrupted due to a last second modification to the character velocity based on the ground plane normal. The Lucidity system is our main mechanic. This is how the player can affect the world via the character. It empowers each of her abilities as well as effects objects in the level. The projectile is instantiated from the resource folder as a rigidbody, within the project and is motivated via physics like the character. This projectile has a collider attached in order to effect or be effected by the environment, enemies and the player. The camera controller, I must admit, will not make it to the final cut. There is not enough time or resource available to code this correctly. As a programmer, it can be very difficult to let go of a feature that you want to create yourself and plug in a third party solution. This is that situation. The solution I found, however, works very well and is very satisfying to use with my character. We are using the Third Person Controller - Basic Locomotion FREE by Invector.
Christopher Tutor
Programmer - Designer
Gerardo j Hernandez
Developer - Designer
Connor Phillips
Game Designer - Designer