Dream of Peking Opera 梨园梦
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Follow us to experience the charm of Peking Opera!

Our Team

We are students from Peking University in China. There are 5 members in our team. 4 of us majored in Virtual and Augmented Reality, and the other one majored in Industrial Design.


" Dream of Peking Opera " is a virtual reality-based application. Users can immerse themselves in virtual theaters with virtual reality devices. Through a series of interactions and gameplay, users can fully experience the art of Peking Opera.


Peking Opera is a Chinese national quintessence and a unique art form in China.
However, today's Peking Opera is slowly fading from the view of public. As the time goes by, fewer people are willing to understand or even regard it as a form of entertainment. Peking Opera is very attractive. It should be understood and known by people. It should be passed down and admired by people.

Project significance

This project constructs a virtual scene of Peking Opera Theatre. Through interesting and novel interactions, it popularizes important Peking Opera knowledge, and teaches primary Peking Opera skills. After playing this game, players can equip with some basic knowledge of Peking Opera and become a little "Beijing Opera fan", and even "Beijing Opera expert."


Design:Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Illustrator
Modeling:Maya,3Dmax (All of our models are made by ourselves)
Animation:Maya,Neuron(Motion capture device)
Video Clip:Adobe Premier


1. Brainstorming
Our Group had several meeting and discussion about what we were going to do. After brainstorming and preliminary investigation, we all agreed that Peking Opera could be a great theme. Then under this big topic, we gradually confirm the game rules and details.

2. Module & Function Design
Once decided, we started to write the documents and divided into three parts:
  • Museum of Peking Opera: This museum demonstrates historical photos,stage property and instruments used in opera music.

  • Make-up Room: Users can make up the model and experience the art of Peking Opera facial mask.

  • Stage: There is an ancient Chinese general named Huang Zhong standing in the center of stage. Users can closely and deeply enjoy the Chinese style stage as well as delicate and beautiful clothes.

3. Development
For the reason that the resources of Peking Opera were rare, we used maya to build models and scene, which really tested our skills and took us a long time.
Expect the modeling member, one member is responsible for animation, and the other two started to code and build the whole structure for the preparation of resources. Once the model was finished, just import the resources into Unity which could save a lot of time.

4. Test & Optimize
We also fixed some bugs and optimize the system. But we are sorry that due to the closing deadline, some introductions are still in Chinese. Our group will add a English version as soon as possible.

And this is our video and project below, thanks for watching and welcome to give us feedback.

none - Student
Leo Lee
技术美术 - Student
Intern - Programmer