Draw a maze and then do it in VR
I wanted to make a party game that you could play in VR, but where you could also interact with people who did not have a VR headset. So I created this app in Unity where you could draw a maze on a piece of paper, take a picture of it, and then the app uses computer vision techniques to analyze the picture and make a 3D maze from it. Then one person can put on a GearVR headset and run through the maze, while everyone else can look at where the person is on via a laptop. The fun part comes with the fact that there is a killer clown trying to catch the person in the maze. The people with the laptop can see where the clown is, but the person with the GearVR cannot see the clown until there are not walls between it and the user. So the people on the laptop can help the person in VR to avoid the clown.
Kevin Davies
Founder of Walkabout Worlds - Programmer