Dravo Fantasy – An arcade style endless runner
In general, Dravo Fantasy was born out by 5 people within 1 week, specific for Sheridan’s sprint week 2016. The genre of game is endless runner with some additional features such as evolve, special abilities for each stage of dragon and combo. Originally we planned for more mechanics like enemies and more, however, due to the time limit, we have to focused on the core part of the game, which is the endless runner. The aimed length of gameplay is about 5 minutes, yet player has infinite continues as long as he/she got infinite “coins. We have made 3 different areas, they are forest, Skyland and cave. Obstacles are randomly generated in those areas. Finally, to make player feel there is a progression going along the gameplay, we also added day/night cycle into the game, also gives a variation. My role is Game Producer & Programmer.
Sida Li
Programmer / Game Designer - Programmer