Dragon gloton
Published 2 years ago
Available on
Android; iOS
Sweet Tooth Dragon/Dragon gloton is a game about a cute little dragon that flies around from island to island looking for tasty treats to eat. As the game progresses our dragon will find some baddies that will make his quest for sweets increasingly harder.

Sweet Tooth Dragon/Dragon gloton offers rich, vibrant, colorful and stimulating graphics that will keep the attention of even the most energetic of kids. As our dragon finds and eats treats, our inquisitive explorers will be rewarded with explosions of flavor and sound.

Although our explorers can unlock the next level by eating all the treats, an invisibility potion will be unlocked only if all the treasure chests in an island are found.

Invisibility potions will help you sneak past the enemies undetected!

The game was created with character packs by Bitgem3d and environment packs by Souchenki
Sou Chen Ki
3D Game Artist - Designer
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS