Dr Sharkitty's incredible cure!
Published 8 months ago
Your patient needs you!
This is the level I created for unity creator kit fps customization challenge. I have made it using only the kit's assets, but I did make a few modifications to them.

Here's what you'll find in this level :
- A vast labyrinthine level. Try not to get lost in your patient body!
- Germs galore! Lots of shooting involded, hehe.
- Bosses and mandatory fights : You'll encounter bosses in brain rooms (beside the one at beginning of the level) and enemy groups in heart rooms that you will have to get rid of to spawn keys and progress through the level.
- Three custom weapons to choose from : The Needler for all your rapid fire needs, the Revolvheal packs lots of power at the cost of fire rate, and the Pill Shower throws plenty of mini pills to get rid of hordes of germs (the funniest one to play with in my opinion). You can also use standard pills if you wish.
- Lots of ammo, just 'cause you'll need them.
- Colored doors and keys : you'll find red blue and yellows doors and keys instead of just having the regular yellow ones. Makes things clearer than just giving them different names.

Good Luck on your mission, doctor, you'll need it!
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Jack Mordred
8 months ago
The level design is good, a version with shooting enemies should be very cool, doesn't even need moving enemies, Keep going. PS: i was lost i did'nt open the second yellow door.