Dr. Bulbaceous Free Download [cheat]
Published a year ago

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About This Game A Puzzling Arcade Experience.Descend through 100 levels of challenging puzzle mayhem in a quest to defeat the big bad boss at the bottom of the bottom most well. Fans of Uo Poko, Puzzle Bubble and Bust-a-move will enjoy Dr. B or be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam. As Dr. B, you have the official task of cleaning the wells of Bulbville by matching 3 or more bulbs of the same colour. If you play well, you get Cookies that allow you to "cheat" by buying strange balls from the Swap Shop but by using these balls to clear a well, you get less cookies for each level cleared. What do you do?! There is, of course, an end of level boss waiting for you down the dankest level of the 100th well but don't tell them I said that! Runs on Linux, Windows & Mac 100 levels of well designed puzzling puzzles Levels get progressively strange but varies in difficulty Features more than 20 balls of varying powers & effects Features just the one mode - HARDCORE Surprise end of level boss Hypnotic physics simulator engine Your choice of strategy or grind Cookies are always returned when game ends so spend away or not at all Forgiving level system where you can buy back levels when your game ends Dynamic in-game soundtrack for full effectBuilt in lua using our open source engine, GameCake. b4d347fde0 Title: Dr. BulbaceousGenre: Casual, IndieDeveloper:WetgenesPublisher:WetgenesRelease Date: 19 Nov, 2015 Dr. Bulbaceous Free Download [cheat] Dr Bulbaceous is a game about slowly digging your own grave.As you can see from the trailer, your goal is to remove all the coloured balls from the well by turning them into 3 or more of a kind. However, the only way you can do this is through adding more balls, (which is typical of the genre), but due to the fact it takes place in a well, Bulbaceous slowly fills the well with water and adds even more whenever you make a move, bringing the floating balls closer to you, and you even closer to certain death. This is compounded by the scoring system, which incentivises you to play through as many consecutive levels as possible to get a large score multiplier. As you encounter new levels, you'll take a while to really understand how to beat them. In the meantime, every uninformed ball brings you closer to your doom. All your hard work rests on the motions of the pendulum, your mind and your reflexes. The intensity of the gameplay is honestly comparable, dare I say it, to Dark Souls™.Please, don't let the simplistic graphics, incredibly easy first levels and the wierd music fool you, this game gets aggressively tough.. If this game tried one, rather than all, of its weird tricks, it would probably be better, and if it had an instructions screen that just laid text out rather than making you sit through a long scrolling, warped line of text like a demented cracktro* to learn what in the everloving hell is going on.Also I think it's glitchy, because it won't let me buy anything from the "store" despite having more than enough currency. And I have no idea what in the hell determines your stage ranking when you're done. If it's time/number of moves like I suspect, then to hell with this game, because it's still got RNG-based drops, and that means HELLO REPLAYS FOR LUCKY CHAINS.Game's bad is what I'm saying.* Google it, younguns. Very pleasant and somewhat hypnotic game mechanics. Reminiscent of busta move, but firing down and the projectiles obey the laws of gravity. The firing system is a constantly swinging pendulum so timing is important, but also comes into play in later levels when you have to swing the projectiles under platforms. Fun!
Danielle Harris