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SCI-FIC Corridor
The Final Render. Made in Unity 3D

Hi. My name is Mowgly, I am a digital artist, I develop graphic content for multimedia environments such as videogames and interactive systems. I want to take advantage of the challenge to bring a 2d scene to a 3d environment. The scene that I want to build in 3D is from a game I made years ago and I've always wanted to re-create it in 3D to give it a new look.
My goal is to make the scene with free asets, to explore the possibilities of making a project in Unity without a budget. I also had a very short time to finish the project, although I uploaded the first images 6 days ago, I decided to do it only in 3 days to see what I can achieve.
Concept 1

Model and texture
The scene is located in a corridor of a space base. The construction of the scene will be based on simple textured modular pieces to build the buildings.
To simplify the process, I have taken some models and textures from the Unity store and if necessary I have modified some parameters to adjust it to the result I want to obtain.
Building the scene in Unity
Here I have to make a change. Replace the assets of the side walls with others, because they can not be used.
Y Repentinamente, esas cosas que pasan cuando tienes que entregar un trabajo, el proyecto se corrompio y ahora no funciona. Un script de Cinemachine esta dando un herror que no se como arreglar. Yo solo tengo dos opciones, o abandono y reahacerlo todo en 12 horas.
OK, I fix my corrupt scripts, now I can continue. Spend a few hours on this, but they are things that happen in the projects.
Remaking the walls
I also solve my walls, model new panels and use textures from the unity store.
The animation. An eternal moment. It is the story of a small frozen time, a moment that may seem very long and everything we can think of, there are times we do not think.
Animation process with Cinemachine
Post-production of color and environment with Post Processing.

Asset Used
PM_Voyager Turret Pack --!/content/102642
Centurion car | Free turret --!/content/88933
SciFi_Battery_Pack_free --!/content/19738
HQ Ammunition pack - FREE --!/content/67810
Revolver Base --!/content/95137
Sci-Fi Texture Pack 1 --!/content/23301
Character 3D -- Modeled by bl33d --
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