Donuts Vending Machine
Until Saturday I had not noticed that this art took about 2 months, it was a little hard choose the color palette for this until my wife advice me to use for the top donut this famous color palette and from them start choosing colors to perfect mix with it.
The main model has 150k tris the large number comes especially from the donuts/holders inside, without those we have 26k tris between body (2k)/details (24k)/decals (104), this could be less heavy, but for artistic purposes I care more to have a good topology perfect for a game.
For the idea I started drawing a quick sketch before modelling, with the general idea and map to follow. Usually using a cheap pen for the occasion, I’m pretty sure this one was gift in a store.
The model is divided in 4 sections (Body, details, decals and donuts) and use 5 different materials, I did not use metalness or gloss maps in this occasion.
I hope you like this new model, let me know what you think and if you have suggestion or question. You can also check it on Sketchfab
Best wishes.
- Aender Lara
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Aender Lara
Game Developer, 3D Generalist - Artist