Donald Thump
Enjoy America’s political circus? Enjoy using your hands? We give you the tools to really hammer your message home, without the mess. Plus we can guarantee you won’t get addicted because the game honestly isn't that great. It makes a good point though. Donald Thump is the latest and greatest in games with no professional input. Act out Donald Thumps foreign policy and see who does it better you, or your friends. Ps. If you think we’re gonna invest all the money from in-app purchases back into the game then don’t. We’re saving up for a one way ticket out of you know where if that Thumping President gets elected. If he doesn't then well just spend a couple weeks in the Bahamas. Either way though, sorry.
Bhavesh Vaghasiya
Full Stack Unity3D Developer - Programmer
Kamal Narola
Founder & Developer Head - Owner
Team Leader