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Published 3 months ago

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About This Game"Don't open the doors!" is a claymation action adventure in an odd world of talking pumpkins, blue trees and stuff like that.The city is in danger! The doors came out of nowhere. Everything near them began to talk and almost everything tried to eat you. Solving this problem is no sweat: you only have to find the Main super door and blast it with a super megabomb. As a real hero, you'll have to handle it yourself. However, everything is sure to go haywire!Game features: An open clayworld: explore it and face different challenges;Odd, talking characters: conversations with mushrooms, bugs, pumpkins etc. will be your common practice;A destructible environment: with a huge hammer in hand, you'll have no chance to be bored;Traps, secrets, bosses. There are no tedious places behind the doors;Out of pop corn gun ammo? Search for cornfields. Looking for a healing compote? Pick some berries!Everything is made from plasticine. Over 8000 photos and an enormous number of editing hours. The game is entirely hand made! b4d347fde0 Title: Don't open the doors!Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPGDeveloper:Anton Riot and CoPublisher:Anton RiotRelease Date: 11 Nov, 2016 Don't Open The Doors! Free Download Great style of graphics, the characters looks like some toys and the pop corn shooter is a cool weapon! :DYou need to search around concentrated once and then to know where to go to but it still is an adventure game and a quest without searching is without adventure! gg Incredibly awesome! 7 hours just flew away unnoticed already, and I have beaten just 13% of doors yet!. Totally excited about this game! Have already completed the game once and now hunting all the achievements. Here is why I'm in love with this game: Colorful and crazy game world where almost every pumpkin is trying to share its thoughts with you. It's made so organically well that after some time you'll find yourself actually living in this world. Plasticine setting suits the game really well. There are not so many plasticine games which you can't imagine being made not of plasticine, you know. Don't open the doors is a great example (alongside the Neverhood of course). Hack'n'slash game mechanics. If you love games like Bastion or even Diablo give this game a try. The controls aren't casual like in the Diablo though so be ready to run and evade from attacks a lot. The story is weird in a funny way. There are tons of dialogs and I read each and every of them. Sometimes I was laughing obscenely loud :)Of course, you can find some disadvantages, especially if you're tempted hack'n'slash player. The combat system is a bit clumsy and there is no enough variety of weapons, skills and other RPG related stuff as for me. But I didn't actually think about all of these things before my first game completion :) Summarizing, if you love hack'n'slash games or games with a rich game world and an addictive story or hand-crafted games with a soul or games with talking pumpkins then I strongly recommend to think about purchasing this game. If you love all of those, then buy it immediately for sure! :). It's a clay, clay ,clay, world. Everything started pretty well.But then WASD keys stopped working.I had to use the arrow keys instead.This was kind of OK, but the Q,F,Z,X, etc. keys stopped working, tooSo, I couldn't:- heal;- change bombs;- change weapons.The game is literally unplayable now.I've tried rebooting my computer, starting a new game from scratch, reinstalling it, but nothing seems to help.0/10 as it's impossible to play this game.. Deceptively simple. Easy to pick up and play but still difficult enough to be rewarding. It's not laugh-out-loud funny, but i still found the dialogue humorous. Lots of nooks and secrets, which appealed to me. The doors and dungeons provided some interesting puzzles. I got exactly what i wanted from it: a light, accesible Action RPG.By far and away the most impressive part of this game is the fact that all the models and textures were built by hand. By modern standards, no, this is not a graphical standout, but for those of us who can appreciate the effort that goes into final product, this is well worth the price of admission.. The Characters are intentionally spiteful and inept. Fun gameplay for the short amount of content. Ending in a flat and abrupt Ending.. A very good story, we do tasks, go through the dungeon door and get items and equipment. Good music and graphics. Funny dialogs and characters. There are steam achievements.. Definitly get this game during a sale. It's short (I beat it in 6 hours) but fun. I enjoy the clay textures a lot and the goofy dialogue amuses me. You can tell a lot of work and effort was put into this game and I'm very happy with the result.
Shari Fenno