Don't Drop the Bass
Don't Drop the Bass is a simple, local multiplayer game where up to 4 players can play: Co-op mode (1-4 players): Everyone tries to keep the bass in the air and at the center of the stage for as long as lives hold out. Random stage events take place, with increasing difficulty and eventually overlapping. Roulette Versus mode (2-4 players): Every player keeps the bass in the air during their turn and attacks during other's. Items and powerups help players get to the bass or stop other players from doing so. Slap Versus mode (2-4 players): Whoever slaps the bass the most in a limited amount of time, wins. Items and powerups are also used here. For this project, I was mainly in charge for all the game architecture design (software engineering), version control and programming. But I also contributed in the project management, game design, testing, marketing, music production and community management.
Luis Felipe Torres Perugachi
Software Engineer - Programmer
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