Dominoes War
Name: Dominoes War
Platform: Android
Size: 79,7MB
Language: Persian
Catergory: Strategy
Developers: Simiyaworld and VJ World.

Dominoes war is an online Iranian strategy game with very unique, new and different concepts attached into it. Features:
  • Build your own empire and help to improve the city.Add new features to your city in various fields such as agriculture, science and technology in order to increase the level of prosperity and security of your empire.
  • Achieve new honor badges by improving your city.
  • Become a popular leader by increasing the level of happiness of your citizens in order to gain more taxes.
  • Defend your city and people by improving fortress defense against the invaders by adding mines, archers, and city guards.
  • Summon your portal guard to travel to distant lands and attack other rulers and players to gain wealth and glory.
  • Train and improve you forces with multiple levels of upgrades in order to build an unstoppable army.

My Works:
Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Skinning, Texture Baking, Fake shadow design, Animation, Motion capture data editing, Some of the environment designs, Level design, Dynamic, Particles, Optimization, Rendering for UI, Poster design (Posters), UI setup in Unity, Tutorial design, Sound recording and editing , Sound FX design, Sound FX setup in unity and some simple codings of the game were all done by me.

The idea and concept of the Domino Wars was from me. The entire game has been made by me and a friend of mine, my friend was in charge of the coding/programming of the game and other than the game’s coding/programing, a few of the models and compose of music, everything else was done by me. Due to shortage of time, some of the assets used in the game were bought from elsewhere. However, every single one of those sources have been optimized by me, most of those models had way too much materials, joints and unnecessary keyframes or density of vertex, so because of that reason, those characters were in need of retopology, UV set, rigging, skin, motions and etc which I did. Also, I’ve made some of the motions by keyframe animation and some motion captures. Moreover, I’ve tried to minimize the materials, textures, joints, motion density and size of all the assets as much as possible, almost, all the models have only one martial, however some of them got a few more materials. Moreover, I’ve tried and kept the number of the joints of the most characters at 21 . Also, The entire shadows in the game whether static or dynamic are fake in order to optimize the game’s FPS. Moreover, The materials of the PBR are baked in one color map, however, some important characters and models have normal map. Also, most of the maps are shared in order to minimize the game’s size as much as possible. Furthermore , other than animation and graphic side of the game, adding sound effects and music to the game were also done by me. Also, a few of the simple codes of the game were written by me, such as controlling the characters voices, environment and controlling the dynamic side of the game, such as explosion… etc.

Maya, Blender, Zbrush, Mudbox, Unity, Substance Painter, Quixel Suite, Mixamo, Megascans, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Cubase, Adobe Audition, Fruity Loops.
Hadi Beheshti
Manager of Simiyaworld - Owner