Dog in space
Published 10 months ago
This game about a dog in space that flies from planet to planet, collects life and resources for survival, knocks into the meteorite and escapes from the cosmic flea.


The game begins with the take-off of a dog from the planet, a short animation for a few seconds, after which control is transferred to the player, the player begins a game without resources and full life. The essence of the game is to collect as many resources as possible before we move on to the next planet. From time to time, we will be attacked by space fleas, as well as space garbage disturb us.

Start game

Game begins, take off from the planet. (animation)
Fly through landscapes

The game itself begins


To collect resources you need to pick up some objects
Object to restore life
Although we have one kind of obstacle, but it can be of different sizes with different abilities. Small meteorites serve as garbage. Big meteorites take life, biggest block the way. Also small meteorites can repel resources or life.

Vector Graphics

Almost all the elements are made with vector graphics. Especially cool to change the size of some elements and give them new properties. Also, the background of the planet in large size looks cool.
and even more surprised by this is their size on the device, I still think that I am confusing something


I also want to add some initial ideas
Oleg Gomonko
Game Developer - Programmer
Arsen Nedovis
10 months ago
Wow! I want to download it!