Dog In A Box
Published 2 months ago
In development
Dog In A Box is a VR game where you stitch together dog parts to fulfill various dog orders.
Dog In A Box was made during the Solent MegaJam 2018 organised by our fabulous tutor, Kostas. I worked with a very close friend, Steve, on this and really enjoyed the experience, having not had the chance to work with him prior to this. The theme of the game jam was "Mans Best Friend". Having recently bought an HTC Vive, and Steve having purchased one prior to Uni, we thought making the game for Virtual Reality would be a challenge and it paid off, getting us second place overall. In the game you recieve orders for dogs and have to put together a dog based on the order that appears on the screen.

Jaz Marshall-Porter
Student - Student
Stephen Ray
Programmer - Student