Doce Conta
A Child's math game made for a 48 hour game jam (DUG).
Doce conta ( Sweat math - in english ) is a mobile math game made for a 48 hour game jam at Univali ( DUG - 2015 ). It is a kids educational game. The theme was to make a game that teaches children from 3 - 5 years old how to do simple math calculations. The player has to look at the giant candy and do the math, in the last image 4 - 2 = 2. After knowing the result, he has to touch the cupcake with the number 2 and place it on the basket. After doing that he then has to click "Contar" ( Count ) wich checks to see the result. After placing the cupcake, the little creature below it goes running to the left and grabs a new cupcake with the respective number. This way the kid can make higher calculations for example by grabing two times the number 2. The game goes up to 5 stars.
Rafael de Souza Pinto Barbosa
Level Design Intern - Student
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