Do Not Be Afraid
Updated 3 years ago
Mac; Oculus Rift
What does it feel like to be exposed to different levels of physical and psychological fear? Why do people keep voluntarily scaring themselves by watching horror movies -- especially in the comfort of their own homes when they have warm slippers on?
Do Not Be Afraid is a VR experience that aims to explore the affordances virtual reality offers to terrify users in a seemingly commonplace environment that gradually slips away from normalcy. The experience aims to marry conventional paradigms of fear tactics with the affordances that VR offers, including the ability to gather data on the user to tailor the experience in a novel way.
The experience begins with seemingly harmless scare triggers. At this point, the user realizes that the environment is unsound and develops suspicion. As the game progresses, the player’s cognitive load increases as the environment becomes increasingly sinister. The experience evolves through tension arcs, which cues the user through controlled high/low suspense stages, luring the user into a false sense of security before throwing them into a more frightening environment. At the peak of the experience, the user sees an escape through a brightly lit elevator, only to find themselves back at the beginning of the experience as the doors open. The user is hopelessly forced to ponder the inconsequence of their actions and the triviality of their fear in the inescapable loop.
Jenny Xu
Lead Game Developer at JCSoft Inc. - Student
Supported Platforms
Mac; Oculus Rift