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Updated a year ago
I started DNX Gaming working as an independent marketing consultant. Since we became a team, the old logo of my face was feeling a little narcissistic. So our weapons engineer and graphics designer Pablo Noriega jumped into action.

The Task

We had a challenging goal in mind. A modern spaceship that while following to the letter the principles of graphic design, would also work as a multi-dimensional concept for the most common art styles found in modern games. We want the DNX Gaming spaceship to be everywhere. 3D worlds, 2D pixel art, crisp vectors, hand-drawn visual novels, etc...
So after looking through countless spaceship concepts, we settled on one that really drives the message "This is DNX Gaming". Enough room to hold all your content; A sharp propulsion system that will take it where it needs to go; Complemented with aerodynamic curves for maximum efficiency.

The Developent

Once we defined the concept of the ship, we had to integrate it into a functional logo. Pablo came out with a planet and used the ship to drive the visual weight towards the typography "DNX".
Choosing the right colors is always tricky. Lucky for us we already had a solid direction from the initial branding I made. So we settled upon two contrasting tones of blue with a strong purple. After a few tweaks here and there, we had the new DNX Gaming logo.

The Animation

It was finally my turn to animate. Defining what we wanted the animation to be was pretty easy, the logo even had the movement lines already. At first, I wanted to do the full turn of the ship around the planet frame-by-frame. That would have taken us way out of the budget. The simplicity of design allowed me to achieve the desired visual effect in a fraction of the time.
Simple but precise movements gave live to the concept. While reinforcing the desired effect of the asset. In this case, driving the visual weight of the image towards the typography.

From start to end, how long did it take?

The logo (including the animated version) was developed in under 15 hours. A great option for custom branding on a budget.
This might vary depending on art and animation styles, complexity and the requested changes. We had a healthy amount of requested changes on this one, it was not easy to find the right spaceship.
Those variables are the reason why we charge our customers hourly rates. That is particularly helpful in projects like this one. You should have the exact logo you want, without being charged more than you need for it.

If you're interested in this or any other content marketing services please send us a direct message, or leave your email in the comment section.

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