Divergence: Online
Genuine MMO
Divergence: Online was and is a project that I started ten years ago in 2007 with the goal of making a golden-era (truly) MMO experience for players circa 2000-2004. After dozens of incarnations through the years, finally in 2013 the technology at last existed to develop a server and client structure capable of supporting thousands of players on a single shard without spending millions of dollars. Officially sponsored by Microsoft and with the help of Exit Games (Photon) we accomplished what we set out to do and launched on Steam Greenlight where it won #1 in the world for it's cycle out of over 1,700 submitted games. Unfortunately despite regular interest from investors, to this day (reliable) investment partnership has never been obtained and thus it currently sits quietly on Steam Early Access in an unfinished state; Without truly usable AI (for our mobs and creatures) as well as the intended additions to combat and etc. Currently it stands as a 24/7 playable-prototype that my partner and I (SGL) use to demonstrate the extents of our technical expertise in the realm of (genuine) MMO technology as well as all other accompanying aspects of game development. Everything you see in all images and videos is solely my work; The entire environment, color grading and post, all characters, items, creatures. Absolutely everything is my work spread over three years.
Ethan Casner
Technical Artist - Other