Distopia - Chapter 1 : data recovery
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Distopia - data recovery

Distopia takes place in the metacity of Sapporo, as population growth exponentialy and despite of procreation laws, they built vertically as high as they could, on top of the historic cities, diving the now called "undertown" in darkness. So it soon became the place for weapons, drugs, implants and data black market. The richest moved on the top buildings where they could enjoy the real and natural sun light even under the radioactive fog and acid rains. In this hard divided society where humans, robots, aristocracy and abandoned have to survive, violence and transgressive behaviours are common and police repression systematic, many that couldn't afford lawer are dying in overcrowded prisons. For the others, the best way to make easy money is to steal or receive stolen data from the richests that can pay ransom demands. You play a special agent whose name code is Mr Wong, investigating on data robbery networks, and you will soon discover truth about a largest conspiracy that will lead you facing the worst of mankind.


I played all roles in the production using my experience as a 3D generalist


As neon was dealing with futuristic environement, I wanted to take inspiration in the movie and the game productions.
BLADERUNNER is one of my favorites : this image enchored a starting point to my environement design.
GHOST IN THE SHELL Inspired by the unique blend of ancient asian tradition and futur science, i also like the way brandind visual polution is achieved.
and many others like :
I love video games because it give the control to the spectator, non-linear animation is so much sensational, it offers unique experience compare to filmic sequence.
KILLZONE For aesthetic inspiration I wanted the police and so repression represented the dark way, black like death with emissive to sign their camp : according to me, the great HL2 “metropolice” police uniform is getting super violent in killzone

Inspiring for the contrast and colors
But the challenge is to produce a cinematic video so let s tell a story, after a simple but efficient idea on data steals and underground networks,I build the street with a simple boxes layout then modeled a shop that was the main idea, re-using it and some parts each time it was possible. The workflow i used is 3dsmax/substance painter. To be fast on character creation, i used makehuman to generate bodies, then marvelous designer to model and pose the cloths and finaly substance painter to texture (see below for assets screenshots). Using smart materials I could have uniform design, I used almost all the basics normal stamps to add fake complexity. I explored this first environement blocking version to create cameras with interesting shots i could make. Then I placed my character and tried combinations of situations i could capture. I created rough camera shots with final rhythm, once finished went back on modeling to make special details according to the shots framing. I tried to compose with large medium and small details compositions inside shots. explained here :
Next step was animating, skinned mesh, procedural, coded, keyframed inside unity ...I use CAT in 3dsmax, I produced animations and also used mixamo with 3dsmax retargeting system over my CAT rigs. in place, root motion retargeting, CAT layers, ik fk and procedural walk cycle helped a lot to make quadrupeds(dog and rat) and insect(cockroach) motions.
As I was going to make frame rendering, i could go a bit more rude with polycount so I baked some PFLOW fx with PFLOWBAKER ( With motion near completion I started the lightning of the scene and particle systems, fx. In each shot you will find the battle between the warm mood VS the cold mood. I used volume lights from SlightlyMad ( and it s working great.
Used a lot of emissive textures to achieve glow and the difficulty was to combine bloom postfx with emissive data and depth of field and to keep everything contrasted and quiet smart. As the upperwalls are metal made and the fact that it raining I used manny reflection probes to control and tweak reflections.
POLISH iterating until death with fixing animation blends,tweaking textures, slight changes on light colors..bla bla bla the render I present to you is rendered straight from unity in one scene. HD1080 1920x1080 exported @60ips, no post changes.

Production Process

I think the main technical purpose is the use of cinemachine, so I made this small video to illustrate a simple dolly camera shot set up.

Work-in-Progress Logs :

19/12/2017 Added heat map on fire and drone skids Added volume light and polished global lightning Added drone HUD
17/12/2018 Cinemachine totally embrassed ! love it but missing simple features that I will ask for in the dedicated forum (see screenshot at the bottom). Animated DOF give now a great feeling I will add a Drone HUD then will have to put that scene aside while many things to do.
15/12/2018 UPDATE 2 Modeled, textured and animated : - a soldier mesh (3dsmax-CAT-painter). - a rat
15/12/2018 -Recrated project animations with cinematic mood in mind, deleted all gameplay and switched to a full cinemachine scenario (see screen shot in the bottom).
13/12/2018 -Added some blended animation to the defaut 3rdperson controller : idle less nervous, walk more rude, run variation. -Added a drone that randomly scan props, i did a procedural ray with meshfilter and vertex array. moving path is dynamicaly computed then i used DOtween to animate on that path. -Bobbing camera is fixed.

Rough WebGL early test here

Assets, Tools, Plugins ListStandard assets

  • Cinemachine from unity technology
  • PostProcessing from unity technology
  • Parralax shader from Amplify assets
  • VolumetricLights from SlightlyMad (git)
  • mixamo retargeted and animations of my own
  • DOTween
Giraud François
3D generalist | technical artist - Educator
2 years ago
пошел на хуй
2 years ago
мне глубоко насрать на все чужие проэкты не нужно мне пихать в ленту посмотреть мне действительно повигу что вы делаете ,мне безразлично все что вы делаете -никто из вас не можеть дать то что мне нужно-иначе бы я не пришла сюда
Giraud François
2 years ago
3D generalist | technical artist
Mick Boereholy shit, you're making some AMAZING progress, keep it up!!!
thank you :), many things to fix before next update
Mick Boere
2 years ago
Front End Game Developer
holy shit, you're making some AMAZING progress, keep it up!!!
Giraud François
2 years ago
3D generalist | technical artist
Nathaniel Ventura would be a great resource. Cinemachine and Timeline for dolly use and additional cinematic cuts could really bring this to life even more.
@Nathaniel Ventura I followed your advices and it's getting better and better.