Disney Dream Kingdom
The project was a park where the player could purchase and update rides. We were tasked with creating rides of some iconic Disney ips. Client: Playdom (Disney)
Adobe Air jigsaw puzzles generator Adobe Air application that converted a flash swf UI into an xml representation with a sprite atlas Implementation of a parser in Unity to display the UI Camera movement implementation for the Soarin over California minigame using splines Silhouette highlighting via edges detection on meshes and on the fly silhouette mesh update Story system with camera movements, character animations and assets management for the sleeping beauty minigame CDN integration to reduce the initial download Soaring clouds dynamic generation Implementation of the sleeping beauty castle where the different puzzles were selected Unity project adaptation/optimization to be able to build the mini games with the flash exporter Monsters Inc skinning of the sleeping beauty jigsaw mechanics Dumbo skinning of the soaring mechanics Dumbo skinning of the sleeping beauty story system
David Diaz
Unity Certified - Graphics Expert - 12yr XP - Programmer