Discover the child within you
Published a year ago
Think like an Artist!! Draw like Child!!
When a child, every person in some way or other had drawn or created something visually. But, why after growing up only few continues to draw as a hobby or professionally. We have two sides of brain, the left side is responsible for all the analytical decision and the right side is for creative thinking. “if you give a drawing instrument like a pencil, to someone who doesn't draw, he or she would pick it up exactly the way as we were to write, thus prohibiting themselves to draw anything, because you cannot draw by looking at the tip of the pencil” John Howe obviously we cannot draw, as our hand is anchored to a single point and we are not seeing the whole image, we are thus focused to single point. If closely observe as a child we are more free and have that cool attitude towards anything, such as if a child draws, they are not restricted to anatomy, perspective and others, they just do something that come in their mind as if they are seeing directly from their visual library.

“It took me 18 years to draw like a professional but it took me 80 years to draw like a child” Pablo Picasso

If you had observed the above image, its a cropped image of Edvard Munch “The Scream”. It have all the aesthetic how a child would draw, specially the strokes.
Doing a painting or any creative thing, is like meditation, we need to release our inner feeling or the child within us, without the fear of how the outcome might come.
Like an Artist, no matter what you are in your personal or professional life, you should always have that ability to listen to your inner voice and go forward with it. “We always have a child in us, which always think creatively

pravanjan patnaik
Creative Director - Executive