Dischord VR
Updated 10 months ago
In development
HTC Vive
Engage in an epic battle between bards - as you use your Dischord instrument to respond to your opponent's musical transmissions through triads of notes. Reflect your enemy's attacks back at them by matching 2 out of 3 notes in a chord to create a chain of music as you anticipate and adapt your strategies as the battle unfolds in this first-to-seven matchup!
Check out the games profile on its 2018 Game Jam page where you can download and play! (If you have an HTC Vive):
This game was completed in roughly 48 hours as part of the 2018 Global Game Jam.
Programming: Benjamin Koga-Winn, Will Petillo
Sound Design: Erick Cloward
3D Modeling: Sonya Neunzert
Will Petillo
VR developer - Programmer
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HTC Vive