Dirty Drones
Our first game is finally open for testing :) It took us about a year to get to this early release of Dirty Drones. At this point it is still very simple and rough, but the core is there.
The game is available for android and free to download here.
The game is a simple 3D shooter from a 2D perspective. You play as a drone hunter from Bao, a fictional planet somewere in the future. The game features a global leaderboard using the Google Play Games plugin for Unity, on which the player can submit their highscores. The goal of the game is to hunt and take down as many drones as you can while staying alive by picking up reward drops. Keep in mind, the only purpose of these drones is to hunt you, so it won't be easy.
By sharing our experiences and lessons learned we hope to help other beginning developers by preventing them from making the same mistakes.
It is clear that the game concept itself is not very complicated, as this was our first time ever creating a game in Unity and learning how to program C#. The main goal for this project was to learn and gain experience for future projects, but we could not help ourselves from going a little overboard on the storyline behind te game. As two brothers with a background in 3D animation and filmmaking it was hard for us not to. We love creating fictional worlds, which was one of the reasons we decided to give game development a try.
We set out to keep our first project as simple as we could possibly think of. Unfortunatly we had previously fantasized about creating gameworlds, so at this time we though it was a good idea to just use our favorite concept as the background storyline for this simple mobile game. We have now come to realize that this was our biggest mistake. Because we spend way to much time on concepting and designing assets, we had forgotten to focus on gameplay first.
It was about two months ago when we realized that our gameplay didn't work. Before this moment, we were working on a version where the player controlled the drone and had to shoot rebels down on the ground. We had even added the feature that the player could upgrade the drone and customize it. We terribly overcomplicated things till a point where it was unclear to any player what the idea of the game was. It was then when we decided we had to start fresh, redefining our core gameplay. We figured it would be much more fun if the hunter is being hunted, and the prey is a predator drone. So we switched the concept around and started all over again.
By now, we were more fermiliarized with the basics of programming and with the new focus on gameplay we managed to build a very rough prototype by the end of the next day. Two months later we have came to the point of wanting to test the game with more players.
UPDATE: The first days have past and the game has already been played and uploaded to youtube, that is so cool! Check out the gameplay footage here.
UPDATE: The next update of Dirty Drones is on it's way. We are adding a world map, more levels, allies, upgradable weapons and armor, and most importantly: smarter enemy drones.
Feel free to let us know what you think about it, any feedback is more then welcome!
Ann Rodela
a year ago
Indie game developer
The screenshots look very inviting.