DinoStomp Interactive Video Wall
Updated 2 years ago

Developed with the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, DinoStomp is an experience in which up to ten users can interact with dinosaurs from all Mesozoic eras within an imaginary 3D landscape. For this exhibit, Ideum built a video wall 8’ high and 20’ wide composed of (15) LG 55” monitors, video array controllers, and three Microsoft Kinect motion recognition cameras. Dinosaurs in the 3D scene follow and interact with users as they come within range of the sensors, roaring and leaping according to the motion that is recognized.

Over the course of several months, our designers and 3D artists created a scene to fill the enormous video wall (9600 x 3240 pixels). Ideum worked closely with FWMSH to create scene, designing the plants, rock formations, and other elements. Additionally, we designed and brought to life the dinosaurs that appear in the scene. Each dinosaur had to be textured and rigged to achieve a particular look and feel, and each interactive dinosaur species was given a unique roar.
Ryan Woodward
Indie Game Dev - Designer