Dinosaur Museum VR (Final)
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Dinosaur Museum
Hi everyone! I want to make a dinosaur museum in Virtual Reallity. It will be something like the Museum of Natural History. Not everyone has such wonderful museums and not everyone can visit it and realize how big the dinosaurs were. If you like my idea, please support me and click thumb up on my submission) Thank you!)


I made the latest fixes, animations and NavMesh collider of teleport area. This is the final build of my project. I really enjoyed doing this project and I'm really proud of it! I definitely got a lot of experience working with Unity and working with VR.
Final Build:
It was difficult, it was interesting, it was a real Challenge! Thanks to Unity for the opportunity to realize our projects! Thanks you for organizing this challenge!

WIP 7 Test and get feedback

Finally, the first build is ready, if you have a virtual reality helmet, you can take part in testing and leave me a review. Tell me what you don't like and what bugs you find in the process.
Link to build for testing:
My project was created for HTC Vive. I did sync with Oculus, but I don’t have the opportunity to protest on Oculus. It is interesting to know how it will work on Oculus helmets.) I also have a small secret zone and if you find it you can write to me)) And of course if you like my project click a thumbs up!)

WIP 6 Timeline

I thought for a long time how to loop the movement of aquatic dinosaurs so that they floated past the player. Timeline came to my aid) And I did a looped animation of dinosaurs using the Timeline.
I also had to redo the environment a bit

WIP 5 Underwater Location

I added a water location for aquatic dinosaurs. And I did it with the SUIMONO Water System.
And this week I was able to go to a real museum for inspiration, unfortunately, not dinosaurs))

WIP 4 Teleportation

I have not been able to set up teleportation for a long time, but finally I can move) I like to moved moved))))

WIP 3 First Look in VR

I'm overwhelmed with joy and I'm in a hurry to share with you) I started the project in the version of Unity 2018.3.0f2 but unfortunately the Steam VR Plugin does not work in this version yet. And I had to downgrade the project to version 2018.2.20f1. And as a result of this, my project broke down and I had to restore it. It was a problem, but I managed to overcome it and therefore I am very excited to be in my own VR museum.

WIP 2 Texturing and Light Baking

This week I tried to bake the light) It's was awful, but I think it is a nice result) If you think so too, please support me and click like on my submission)
I also used this Skeleton Pack by Maksim Bugrimov

WIP 1 Modeling

For the first week I modeled the main room. The London Natural History Museum was taken as a prototype. In the next stage I want texturing it and add small details.

The goal

The goal of my project is to give everyone the opportunity to look at dinosaurs at home, to realize how huge they are and know something new about they. In my virtual museum, unlike the real museums, in addition to skeletons, I want to add real bodies, movements and sounds of dinosaurs. I think this experience will make a greater impression on the user and he will better memorize the information about the "live" dinosaur than just looking at the skeleton. I really want to do a project in VR.


I am inspired by the fact that I love dinosaurs since childhood and want to share knowledges. My favorite films and cartoons about dinosaurs, such as: The Land Before Time; Jeombaki: Hanbandoeui Gongryong 3D; Jurassic Park. Also mobile AR game Jurassic World.

I really hope that I can agree with the university and work on the project during the holidays. If you like my idea, please like my submission and wish me luck!
Unity Assets:
SteamVR Plugin by Valve Corporation.
Skeleton Pack by Maksim Bugrimov.
SUIMONO Water System by Tanuki Digital.
Dinosaurus Animals Big Pack by 4Toon Studio.
Software and resources:
Unity 2018.2.20f1
Substance Painter 2018
Evgenia Zvyagina
3d generalist - Student
9 months ago
C# Programmer
Amazing!You did such a great project alone!I will take you as an example to follow.
Evgenia Zvyagina
9 months ago
3d generalist
Eldonyour captions "rebake..rebake..rebake" is so funny...I know that feeling....Takes forever!!
Haha)) It takes forever, and then something is going wrong)))
Evgenia Zvyagina
9 months ago
3d generalist
Siraz NaoremHey! I love your work! ;) Good luck and Happy new Year. Kudos to the wave at the end of the gif.
Hi Siraz. Thanks for the nice words! It is very inspiring. If you really want to support me, please click thumb up!)
9 months ago
VR Developer
your captions "rebake..rebake..rebake" is so funny...I know that feeling....Takes forever!!
Siraz Naorem
9 months ago
Hey! I love your work! ;) Good luck and Happy new Year. Kudos to the wave at the end of the gif.