Digitized Garden of Eden
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Digital Genesis


We are full-time graduate students in DF lab at Ajou University, Korea. This competition is a nice opportunity for implementing what we have learned in the classes using Unity. Our team members are Jeonghwa Kang who is in environment design and modeling, Boyeon Kim in the Cinematic camera, Hanyeol Kim for modeling props, working under Prof. Haejung Suk's supervising.

<Concept of the story>

Smart generation in future, learned the lesson from destroyed eco-system and critical pollution issues, improve the novel technology for co-existence between human-being and nature. They developed the translator which enables human communicate with animals and plants. Also they manage the whole nature through recycling the trash to organic compounds and cleaning the water in Central Forest Managing System. This is a story about future, but you will see the harmony between human and nature like Eden created by God in the beginning.


  • Story Board
We have detailed imaginations for each cuts based on the concept related to the story of Eden in Genesis .
  • Environment Plan
We planned the space layout, camera position, and functions that we will use in this stage.
  • World scale test
We decided the position and size of main objects using their real ratio.
  • Cinemachine virtual camera test
Positioning the cameras and props based on the game view.
  • Environment design (Assets)
Positioning the assets from Unity Asset Store and other website.
We used the standard asset in Unity, terrain and paint tree for the forest.
  • Cinemachine, Timeline
The story board is consisted with 11 cuts and we added one more cut for the storytelling. We created timeline for the sequence, and it was very useful UI for cinematography.
Each movement of camera was maked by keframe in the animation window.
We created Dolly track for the camera following the moving transportation and pinned the character’s eye-gaze on Look at in Virtual Camera.
We put the same objects in the fields of ‘Follow’ and ‘Look at’ so the eye gaze and the character can follow the target object.
  • Major construction modeling
  • Clothes, prop modeling
  • Post processing
Our intention of this projects is to describe Eden, the myth forest. We implemented the bloom function and color grading for the higher saturation in the scenes.8
  • Rendering test

Kim Hanyeol
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