Digital Neuron
Augmented Reality experience on wall art at the University of Geneva in Switzerland
"Digital Neuron" is an innovative augmented reality mural at the University of Geneva's new medical school building. It depicts the neuron’s central importance in human cognition as the organic engine of medical research. The video tells the story of the creative process, including the importance of real-world physicality even in the creation of digital art. Neurons are electrically excitable cells that process and transmit information, and are the core components of the brain, spinal cord, the central nervous system. But for Heavy purposes, neurons are a visual metaphor. While the physical mural depicts an empty laboratory with a static neuron, in augmented reality the lab fills with books and technological research equipment, both old and new, brought forth by a now animated and electronically living neuron. The neuron is a metaphor for the connectivity required between modern research pursuits (the left half of the lab room in augmented space) and the older technological antecedents that are their forebears (the right half of the lab). Visit us at #Vision17
Chris Nunes
Managing Partner @ Heavy Projects - Owner