Dig 4 Destruction Full Crack [Torrent]
Published 15 days ago

Dig 4 Destruction Full Crack [Torrent]

About This GameThe first of its kind! A first for VR! An intense online multiplayer deathmatch game where you must dig through the earth and excavate weapons to battle your enemies!Multiplayer DeathmatchPlay online in 4 player deathmatches with opponents from around the world!You'll have to watch for enemies from every direction in these intense VR battles!Everyone else is your enemy! Score more kills by the end of each 5 minute match to win!Masks and GlovesGet special new masks and gloves every day you log in!Match up your preferred mask and gloves and get ready to Dig 4 Destruction!Match Waiting Room ChatPractice at the garage firing range or chat with your opponents while waiting for each match to begin!Play catch or chess with opponents, take pictures, light fireworks, it's a free for all of fun!However, once the match begins, they're all enemies, so don't get too attached!*Matching with Dig 4 Destruction as sold on Oculus Store is not supported. b4d347fde0 Title: Dig 4 DestructionGenre: Action, Casual, Massively MultiplayerDeveloper:COLOPL, Inc.Publisher:COLOPL, Inc.Release Date: 14 Aug, 2016 Dig 4 Destruction Full Crack [Torrent] Doesn't work for Vive
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