Different But The Same
Global Game Jam 2013 Project
A Global Game Jam game, actually 3 games, each with different types; 2D, 3D Platformer, 3D Shooter. We made 3 different games, following the stories from each other. The theme was "Heartbeat". Our main point over all the 3 games was to run away from the zombies and reach to a safe area, using the main characters's hearbeat sounds as the main reference. The first game was a 2D adventure game, made in Game Maker. Our character is the first survivor, shooting its way through and trying to reach to his friend. The second game was a 3D platformer, Co-Op game. You can play the 2 different characters using your keyboard. One of the characters is the first survivor on the 2D game, and the other is his friend that was waiting for him. Made in 3D Studio. The third game is an FPS game. We play as another survivor, who clearing the top floors of a building for other 2 survivors. Made in Unity.
Inan Evin
Software Engineer - Programmer