Die for Valhalla - Review
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Die for Valhalla is an action RPG with a fresh twist on "arcade combat". You'll play as a novice Valkyrie, possessing objects, some mobs and most importantly Viking heroes.
A monstrous portal has opened and the Great Old One is trying to conquer the land of Vikings. You'll have to become stronger in order to stop him. Enjoy an action-packed adventure with great artwork and a new combat mechanics.
Price: 11.99$
Size: 2GB
Genre: Action RPG
Developed by: Monster Couch
Reviewed on PC.
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The Great Old One is taking advantage of a monstrous portal that opened in the land of the Vikings. He's making a move to conquer the realm, it's up to you and your group of novice Valkyries to stop him.
While the story of Die for Valhalla has a very light tone, meant to tie together all the grinding that you'll be doing. The story actually plays an important role in the gameplay.
In the Norse mythology, the Valkyries where a group of female spirits. Before each battle, the Valkyries were in charge of deciding which of the warriors would die and ascend in glory to Valhalla. Yeah, Vikings were weird folks, nonetheless, it was pretty cool.


Now here's where the story meets the gameplay. You will be playing Die for Valhalla as one of the Valkyries. While you can attack your enemies as a Valkyrie just like in any other RPG, your main skill is possessing stuff. You will be able to possess almost anything in the game. Barrels, traps, even small enemies (with the proper upgrades). However, your main tool will be the Viking heroes.
You will be able to possess the thumbs of mighty heroes and bring them back from Valhalla to aid you in your quest. Each Viking will have different skills and weapons. Killing enemies in battle will let you earn glory. With enough glory, your Viking will level up and become stronger.
The best part is that you'll be able to end possessions willingly, in case you need a change of strategy mid-level. Now, this will make you lose all your glory, so be careful. If you're Viking dies, he'll just go back to Valhalla and you'll be left controlling the Valkyrie. If your Valkyrie dies it's game over...
You will face many enemies along the way, each with different ways to annoy you. Even some pretty strong bosses, running is usually involved...


Die for Valhalla! uses 2D sidescroller graphics. With extremely polished artwork and animations. It's dark but colorful themes complement the story pretty well.
Playing a level of Die for Valhalla! turns out to be a pretty involving experience. Your goals are clear and the artwork and effects work well to keep you in the mod to grind.


Die for Valhalla doesn't have many social features, they have an active Twitter profile and a very engaged Steam Community Hub. That hub seems to be the place to connect with other players. There's no official Discord server or official Subreddit to be found.
It's hard to imagine why would you need a guide for this title. Regardless, there's a lot of coverage on Youtube. You can find full walkthroughs and all the boss fights.
Now if you're a trophy hunter, you can find a list of Die for Valhalla! achievements in True Achievements.


Die for Valhalla! Brings a new twist to classic arcade combat, with possession as your main skill, gameplay is quite dynamic and fresh. The game has a light story and awesome artwork. But the best part is all the action you'll find on each level.


Innovation: 2.5/3
Experience: 2.3/3
Community: 2.1/3
Rating: 7.9/10
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