Dhylar 5 Terraform - Sector DX3.11
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An advanced scientist and engineering base finishing the terraformation process of an inhabited planet acquired from a confederation of advanced human civilizations.
Thank you for this opportunity Unity team!
The next concept is my own, a sci-fi theme I love and I find this challenge a great place to use some futuristic and unpublished models created by myself. The image above was a side concept I created for another challenge but it is completely different from the final submitted images. However I may use the ship, the ship base or the building behind.

Work In Progress Log #7 Jan 14

The concept.

From the billions of planets in the universe most are on some biological evolution stagnation, but a few could provide good, or lets say better conditions to adapt to the needs of a group of similar advanced civilizations. Dhylar 5 was Carefully picked from its location and climate and from the measurements and estimations of how the biology, the chemistry and general conditions required less work to transform. Obvously the time and resources it takes to complete the epic task require more than just advanced technology and a group of human civilizations compromised to build and keep working the giant machines to make the process viable in a certain time frame. A pact had to be signed by other alien civilizations living in the "near" stars surrounding the group to advance the planet as a peaceful, healthy and harmonious place. As a result moderate alien supervision is mandatory.
The scene occurs in the Sector DX3.11, one of the colonies located at the top of a mountain. Three domo structures from different sizes cover the areas where the human colony live providing a breathable and warm atmosphere. Because the terraformation process is in an advance stage the work done is showing vast forests of implanted trees and vegetation over areas of designed terrains. Massive amounts of composed white gas constantly emanate from very large chimneys. Machines with antigravity propulsion come and go to control the development of different locations and also travel to space stations constantly orbiting the planet. But wheels are still useful to shape the terrain and eventually they move mountains. Big robot machinery transport massive trees, big rocks and chunks of terrain.
The structures doesn't look new because this process takes several decades of hard atmospheric transformation and work. The human colony members stay there to develop approved projects for a few years. The staff in each colony is a relative small group of highly skilled professionals, mostly scientists and engineers, but some trained artist are helping to design the environment. A scarce group of aliens could be seen interacting with the humans. They are authorities doing supervision work and they suggest better or different ideas to the human directors of different projects.

Resources I may employ.

For this project I will use Autodesk Maya to create and edit most of the 3D models, The Foundry Mari and Allegorithmic Painter for texturing, Pixologic Zbrush possibly to create specific terrain shapes or rocks and I will use Unity3d according to the rules and because it is the engine I am familiar with. Also I will use some Unity Asset Store generators to create a vast terrain. I will use trees from SpeedTree and in the end I will document the best I can every relevant resource or tool I use.


I just finish this model of a hybrid alien woman, and I am going to use it here. It is already working fine inside Unity but I am still making adjustments. Also I don't know yet if I will use this color design. She will represent one of the aliens supervising the progress of the terraformation. I am working on a human scientist and possible engineers or people to populate the place.
This is the model of the mountain and the 3 domes
Another general view. Although I may create a height map and work the terrain inside Unity. Also I will add more mountains and design the "garden" zones created by the humans in the area. The zones will still be like terraces of inteligent designed terrain and vegetation because the transformation is not completed. There will be stone walls and some broad roads.
This is the hybrid character walking inside Unity with a controller and basic textures on the head and a terrain with some high resolution textures on. I like the natural light. This is the kind of rocky terrain I imagine on the top of the mountain and I will add pine trees, small ponds and a lake. All will be under a big dome structure and futuristic constructions and vehicles.
I have created previously some models, this maybe an advantage, but also they are not finished. This truck has no UVs, I had to even finish the "belly", redo the wheels and the top bridge and create a simple color design. Because my general theme is has a lot to do with biology I may use green. but I don't want to limit myself to one option.
Another previous model I created, this ship has no UVs either but I want to use it so I am merging the symmetrical geometries to create the UVs. This ship could be the vehicle for the hybrid aliens. But I also like it as a family house ship. Maybe I will create a base with fences, lights and roads.
And the scientist character. I used the default Daz3d G3 male, proportioned some general measurements and send it to ZBrush. But I created the suit in Maya, although not finished yet. I may export it to Marvelous Designer and find out how it behaves. Inside ZBrush the character looks older as I created more details.
I am aware I need to ensemble everything inside Unity and create sequences, so I think I will be playing with Timeline next week. Right now I have too many polygons in my geometries and I need to handle this according to the capabilities of what my Nvidia 970 could handle.

Science & Engineering facility

This is the largest complex of buildings inside the dome, a general industrial area. It has the base airport for civilians, the 2 smaller buildings in front and also has 2 storage structures at the sides. For the sequence these models will serve as backgrounds and general views.
Here I am using the antennas from one of the Vitaly's Bulgarov kits (Megastructure). The rest are my models and I am creating the main building and the general composition and area for this challenge.
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That is right Glen, thank you! I love that red too. I just hope it plays well with my other models and the scenes.
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That alien in red is really a nice refreshing simple alien design. I really like it.
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Looking nice :)
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Hey thank you! I appreciate it, comments and opinions are very wellcome
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Love the Alien!