Published 2 years ago
Devlog where we talk about our experience at Lisboa Games Week 2017 and GameDev Camp 2017
Time for a DevLog, this time talking about our most recent showing of Iteration at the Lisboa Games Week (LGW) tradeshow, held in Lisbon from the 16th until the 19th.
But first, let us look at our past, to a time before Iteration was born. Me (João) and David were just beginning college, and we loved the idea of Videogame conventions. We dreamt of going to GDC, Pax, E3 and to all those big mainstream cons. We were young, naive and, most importantly, we didn't have anything to showcase.
Don't get me me wrong, we still love conventions! We love interacting with fellow developers, we love seeing the terrorized faces of people who think Iteration is a jumpscare game, and most of all we love receiving fresh feedback from the players themselves.
Yet, there is something that this convention taught us harshly: it gets very tiring after a couple of days. Usually we have one booth, sometimes shared, to present Iteration to the masses. But, in this particular event, we were needed at THREE different places at the same time. One was located in the Indie Games section: Indie Dome. Another was at the Playstation Talents area. And lastly, we also had a showcase at our University’s booth.
At the Playstation booth we had a very formatted space available which didn't leave much room for creativity, but at the Indie Dome we didn’t know what to do with the the two huge tables allocated to us, besides allowing for a very forgiving setup of our Oculus Sensors. In comes the one of the main organizers with a spectacular solution : rubik's cubes! They provided us with four, which we used as decoration, as symbology for the puzzler nature of our game. But with them came something unexpected, people started solving them while queuing to play. It was a success, maybe too much so in retrospect, for there were some who came just to solve a cube, completely ignoring the game and slightly breaking our heart.
The unusual, but very much appreciated, quantity of representation in the tradeshow exhausted us, and when the fourth day ended we felt like sleep deprived zombies, hungering for sleep more than brains.
Since then we have also had the pleasure of showcasing Iteration at Game Dev Camp, a convention focused on networking with game developers from around the globe, listening to awesome lectures and exhibit projects related to the portuguese video game industry. It lasted only a day, so it was way less exhausting than LGW.
Of course, it wasn’t all about being tired, we had a lot of fun showing what we consider our most polished version of the game to date, and the feedback we got (which was overwhelmingly positive) from both new players and returning testers is invaluable to the development process.
Thank you to the people who lit candles by smashing two unlit ones, thank you to those who smashed our telephone through the wall and a very special thank you to everyone who broke our game!
From now on we will be posting our Devlogs on Unity Connect but here is a link if you want to read our previous ones, feel free to stop by:
See you in the next log!
David Filipe
Junior - Programmer