DEVLOG#07 | STRIFE - Battle for the Southern Star 2.0
Published 5 months ago
DEVLOG#07 | STRIFE 2.0 Announcement.
Hey everyone. So its been a while since my last update and for a very good reason. I am super pleased to announce the arrival of STRIFE 2.0! Following on from a very successful concept phase my project has now been upgraded to 3D.
So sit back grab a Big Gulp and your favourite Popcorn and enjoy the show :)
Hit the full screen button for the full effect..
I hope you enjoyed the video.. I am very exited for the future of this project and hope you can all join me on my journey through development.
I will as always.. be posting updates on a regular schedule.
So let me know what you think down in the comments.
Peace out.
Richard Jenkins
Developer - Owner