Devil's Peak Rally
Updated 3 years ago
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Android; iOS
Race your Rally car to the top of Devil's Peak, one of the most challenging road courses there is. Modify and tune your car for best performance, with more than 12 miles of twisty dirt and tarmac roads to play on. Once you have set a best time, race against yourself or against other user's best races. for iOS and Android
DPR is a hill-climb, rally game, based loosely on Pike's Peak. Its free to play, with optional car purchases. (also with restore purchase option in case of re-install) It supports digital touch input, gyro, and some joypads. It strikes a nice balance between arcade and realistic feel, that is tune-able by the user with simple slider controls. The race is long.... 12 miles. Practice as 3 separate stages, or all at once... uphill and down-hill leaderboards, Race against the clock, or ghost race other user's best times.

The track itself is semi-procedural, boasts multiple surfaces, widths, dips, various camber, jumps, cliffs, and drop-offs, discover your best route and style, face off against some incredibly quick player's ghost races.

Developed by Jon Hilliard.
Jon Hilliard
Unity3D Developer - Programmer
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Android; iOS