Developer diaries Episode 3: Testing
Published a year ago
The testing..
Being an indie studio with a limited budget, testing has always been a nightmare. Lack of testing devices and testers is a huge problem as there are a huge number of mobile devices active in the market with different resolutions. Solution?
We figured out ways to deal with both the problems. Sites like RoastMyGame, AlphaBetaGamers contain a pool of testers who can test the game for you.
Emulators! There are numerous free emulators on the market which offer different processing speeds, Screen Resolutions, RAM and even different camera qualities. Though we cannot afford to buy different phones for testing, we managed to test in different aspect ratios and processing speeds and optimized several areas of the game so that game is playable on all devices.
Anyone interested can drop their mail id, we will give access to the beta in a few days.
Naveen JLS
Game Developer and Designer - Producer