Deupty Dangle
Originally started as a group student project and now released on Steam, Deputy Dangle is a wacky, physics-based game where you are a boneless cop and must unravel and foil the plans of the criminal mastermind, GMA. I was given the opportunity to be a part of this creation through an internship with Chashu Entertainment/Trinary Studios, a duo of studios both founded by the original creators. NOTE: THIS WAS NOT A SOLO PROJECT
Key Features: -Laugh and cry all at the same time as you attempt to surmount the challenge of controlling a boneless cop. -Unravel the plot surrounding the criminal mastermind, GMA. -Develop your own unique style of getting around town. Are you a cartwheeling speed demon or a majestic flying noodle? -Master your multi-purpose plunger gun to grapple, swing, and fly around town. -Explore vastly different environments from the depths of the sewer to the skies above. -Put your boneless acrobatics to the test in four crazy trials and compete for high scores.
You are Deputy Dangle and today you're getting deputized. Everything is going great until the elusive criminal, known only as GMA, decides to crash the party. Within minutes of becoming a deputy you're now hot on the trail of Dangleton's most infamous criminal. Use your powers of climbing, flopping, grappling, and flailing along with your partner Chongo to catch GMA and save the day.
Benjamin Zerr
Software Engineer - Programmer
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