Destiny 2: No cross-play between Stadia and Steam
Updated a month ago
What about Crossplay between Google Stadia and Steam?
In the fall of 2019, the PC version of Destiny 2 moves from to Steam and will also be playable via Google's Stadia. Anyone who has wondered whether Stadia and Steam Cross Play will be possible, will first look into the tube. Stadia, like the other platforms, offers its own ecosystem, with Stadia guardians staying with them for the time being.
The developers of Destiny 2 start on September 2019 in a new era. On the other hand, the new extension Fortress of the Shadows will be released, and on the other hand, the basic game Destiny 2 will be provided free of charge as Destiny 2: New Light. In addition, the PC version of from Blizzard moves to Valves Steam. And that's not all, Destiny 2 is also playable via Google's Stadia game stream service.
The players of the PC version have wondered if there will be a cross-play feature. As we recall, as part of the announcement of the future of the MMO shooter, the developers at Bungie have also talked about enabling Cross Save. Cross Save retains all equipment, characters and items on all platforms, no matter where they come from.
After all, developer Mark excludes for the future but no cross-play. "This year, we're focusing on delivering Cross Save for all platforms," ​​he tweets. "As we noted earlier, we would like to enable Cross Play for Destiny 2. There are no barriers, legal or technological, that prevent us from including Stadia in these considerations, and we would like to offer that for any platform." In the FAQ you will also find evidence that a one-time transfer of the version to Steam includes all ownership, ie purchased extensions, silver, the account, the seasons and more.
The players on the respective platforms but remain under itself, even between Steam and Stadia, as the creators of Destiny 2 in an FAQ on the official website for the shooter shooter clarify. When asked "Does Stadia Cross Play with Steam or other platforms?" The answer is "Stadia is its own eco-system, just like the existing platforms, and Stadia players can only play with other Stadia players."
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