Descend Into Heaven
You are the only Hope to restore order, descend into the claws of Heaven in search of the Truth. Help this noble sir to find it! Find your way into Heaven. Only you can do it.
Descend Into Heaven is based on the good old times, the graphics and gameplay are based on the original Game Boy (not the color one!), and the level design is inspired by the classics SNES games. We did our best to bring back to life this old style on this little, but honest game. We really hope you enjoy it, and we will listen with all our heart to any kind of feedback, as we want to make better and bigger games in the future. Also, if you make a gameplay, review, blog or anything about the game, don't hesitate in contacting us (links below) and we will publish and share your content. Enjoy the game, and see you in Heaven! :) Found the game at
Spoonman Games
Ignacio Eduardo Soto Nuñez
Animation student - Artist
Esteban Gaete Flores
Co-founder and CEO - Programmer
Lead programmer and Game Designer