Derelict School (Work in Progress)
Published a year ago
A walking simulator or horror game or both!?


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Derelict school is a personal project started in 2018. The goal of the project was to take a shot at creating a 3D environment for a video game using only store assets. Eventually I would like to use the environment in a walking simulator/horror game.

Lighting the Scene

So this turned out to be a highly enjoyable process. When I did the Neon challenge I really wanted to spend more time focusing on the lighting aspect, however time was not on my side. With this project I've taken a slow and methodical approach to getting the light feel right. However, I am still far from my goal.

Building Buildings

Before I could design anything, I needed a core asset pack from the Unity Asset store to base my environment on. I managed to snag the HQ Abandoned School asset on sale and decided it would serve my purposes.
I impulsively jumped right into building my main school structure. This proved to be a mistake as I started getting very confused about how I should layout my rooms.
Taking a step back, I designed my two buildings on graph paper and then built each floor slowly. I did this independent of what the surrounding terrain might look like.
The following are screenshots of the build process.
Daniel Esterhuizen
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