Deep Street - Final Version
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Deep Street - Project Introduction
For this environnement we got inspired by Blade Runner. The used futuristic SciFi setting was exactly the kind of situation we wanted to create.
Deep street is the evil street of GroundCity. you can find everything you are looking for but be careful not to enter the wrong place because you never know what to expect.
We started working on this street for our upcoming Sci-fi Solo FPS, Xeno Time Inception. The street reveals the true personality of this new world.
Our goal is to add as many details as possible to bring the street alive, such as people walking/talking, robots, spaceships, flying cars, restaurants, shops, arcade rooms ...
For the version "Deep Street v0.4" we worked on several essential aspects for the video. First we focused on camera angles, this is quite a hard work as it requires a lots of precision and testing. The camera angles play a major role to tell the story behind the scene. To go with that, we also set up and finalized the light-mapping of the scene. Finally, we implemented the 3D Characters, their movements and the texturing. Adding some life into the street is very important to create a more realistic environnement.

Neon creation with Photoshop

We created some 3D Layers with Photoshop to build our own Neon Signs in Unity.

World Creation

First, we started creating the main shape of the street. At first, we placed the big structures, to give us an overview of the space we're going to work on. We used ProBuilder Basic for world creation.
Damien Morales

Used Assets:

  • ProBuilder Basic:!/content/11919
  • Recorder :
Xeno Gaming
CEO - Manager
Great work! Hope, soon I will be able to jump into thes immersive world :D
3 years ago
Such a beautifull work, congratulations!!
Xeno Gaming
3 years ago
Nataraja Perumal S@Xeno Gaming Nice work!!! Music was good....
thanks a lot!
Senior System Software Enginner
@Xeno Gaming Nice work!!! Music was good....
Tsuyoi Raion
3 years ago
Game Developer
Tsuyoi RaionIt's definitely a nice concept and looks pretty good considering it's made from scratch but there's something that bothers me about most objects, that is most look like they do not have a normal map, thus making everything seem rather flat. The streets and some building objects look fine but the rest "looks" like they have no normals :( Keep working on it!
The characters themselves also look off, texturing and shader wise, keep tinkering with those, you'll get a nice look!