December 21st
Save the world solving enigmatic Mayan puzzles in this challenging Sokoban style game! A long time ago, somewhere in the continent of America… The Mayans discovered that a meteor was going to collide with the Earth on December 21st, 2012. Having predicted the end of the world on that day, they have developed a way to destroy the meteor hours before the collision, when the meteor was within reach of their invention. Therefore, a powerful shaman offered himself to be petrified and awake one day before the end of the world, when he would activate the device to destroy the meteor… That day has come, our hero has got 24 hours to save the world… ======================== December 21st was the last indie production that I worked on at Keeplay Game Studios . It was the first game to implement our Keeplay Framework. A framework developed internally to deal with all the menus and details between different platform releases. This is also our first game with real 3D assets. That led us to learn a lot about 3D mobile optimization with things such as occlusion culling and lightmaps. I personally love the aesthetics of this game. It was first released on iOS and Android in December 2012 (close to December 21st) and later ported to Kongregate and OUYA in September 2013.
Alexandre Melotti
Game Developer and Designer
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