My first game, Voxel Graphics. Made during the course of a year with SDL and C++ (everything is rendered in CPU).
Reverse effect in the video is not an in-game feature, you can't turn back time. I reversed the video to see destruction in reverse. To Fraps it I made an OpenGL wrapper. Game is rendering a larger screen (which you can see in the lower right corner), and Open GL part simply renders that screen to the actual screen, BUT to give illusion of smoother game-play wrapper also dynamically responds to your mouse input and displaces/zooms the image. So even if game runs at 15FPS you can aim at 60. You can download and try this thing for yourself. After you start it, select one of those hard to see galaxies. Just don't press on those strange icons to the right - they are for editing voxels, and certain folder is missing so pressing them will freeze the game. In-game world is infinite, but I build content only at the beginning. But if you want you can draw on the background. Press "F", to the left use Right Mouse Button to select a brush and a texture and, again, with Right Mouse Button click to place stamps. (Game is not saving background as an image, but as an array of strokes).
Yurii Selinnyi
Developer - Programmer
Yurii Selinnyi
3 years ago
Thank you. I am making something similar for Unity. Alien Shooter meets Dark Souls.
Jabari Alii
4 years ago
Blue Alchemy Studio
Well done!