Deadly Labs
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Android; iOS
Action-packed Survival Shooter with Challenging Levels and Deadly Machines
Fight for survival in this action-packed side-scrolling shooter! Beat multiple levels with increasing difficulty, dynamic environments and random events. Use an arsenal of weapons and destroyable objects to your advantage, because you are not alone - raging creatures are coming for you!
◆ Touch to shoot several different creatures ◆ Play 16 challenging levels with various special objects ◆ Find hidden objectives to unlock bonus levels ◆ Experience dynamic environments with changing gameplay ◆ Select the most powerful weapon in the right situation ◆ Use defensive machines to assist you in combat ◆ Compete in endless bonus levels for the highest score ◆ Record gameplay and share it with your friends
"A bombastic new 3D physics shooter about wiping the floor with adorably creepy monsters" - Super Game Droid
"Each level in the game comes with its’ own unique challenges and designs which makes them all feel fresh and interesting" - Lunawolf Gaming
Inside a secret laboratory in the middle of nowhere, a nuclear fluid was created, the strongest power source ever seen by mankind. Two scientists are working on a giant robotic machine, powered by that fluid, supposed to change the world for good...
One of the scientists however, seems to have other intentions. His evil influence twists their fate, bringing deadly creatures to life, in order to annihilate humanity. Can you survive?

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Android; iOS