Deadly Dungeon Traps (WIP)

Inspired by adventure games and movies

Since I was a kid, I always enjoyed adventure games that features traps. You can run and jump to dodge them, disarm with clever and often puzzling mechanisms, or use them to get rid of enemies you couldn't beat otherwise. And of course, get jumpscared or instantly killed horribly if you didn't spot that suspicious blob on the ground! Traps are a great way to add excitement to games, and the more interaction with the player is allowed, the better.
They come in many shapes and sizes, from a tiny, but lethal poison dart to the enormous rolling boulder that just falls from the ceiling and forces the player to drop everything and start run! With this pack, I aim to lend a hand to aspiring dungeon builders and adventure game fans, who wish to fill their games wih excitement and danger.

What will be included?

  • Trap models - blades, spears, spikes, logs, smashing walls and boulder, chains, sculpture heads, poison vents, etc...
  • Trap Mechanism Scripts - a "master" script that handles events, three types of "mechanism" scripts (animator, launcher, particle), and a simple damager script
  • Pre-built traps - complete with effects, triggers, and damaging mechanisms
  • Disarming options - in a form of control boxes with scripts that connect them with traps
  • Switches and levers - simple interactables which can start, stop, or toggle objects. All of them come with one set of activation animations.
This pack will be more like a "DIY" Traps kit - all the parts will be available as individual elements too, and we will include a decent variety of pre-built traps for a quick start. With the help of Adam's scripts, these parts can be used to build complex traps with multiple types of movement, firing mechanisms, and damage types (contact or area). No need to animate each part, the TrapAnimator script has a bunch of settings to achieve a large variety of movements which can be combined together. Launcher scripts take care of projectiles, object pooling and additional effects too.
We are working on it to deliver the kit with visual and audio effects. The particles such as fire, smoke, poison, and cold steam, are made with Unity's built-in solution and are our own creations. Sound effects will be most likely provided by a third-party partner with the appropriate credits & licencing. We are still in the process to find a suitable solution for sounds, and there is a chance that it will be included as a free update after the initial release.
Dorottya Hegedüs
3D Artist - Artist
3D Artist
I wrote a follow-up blog post here about this project: