Dead Effect
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Windows; Mac
Dead Effect is the first INDIE FPS for the PC and MAC platform made by BadFly Interactive. It offeres solid graphics, an interesting story and fun Gameplay, focused on gamers with a passion for sci-fi and the occasional zombie massacre.
Fight for your life in the INDIE SCI-FI FPS game fit for both casual and hard-core gamers with a passion for hunting down hordes of zombies. Prepare yourselves for the incoming nightmare!
The ESS Meridian starship is travelling through space with a new FTL technology, heading towards its destination - Tau Ceti f, the first planet in the history of mankind to be colonized. A few months later an elite member of Unit 13 is disrupted from cryogenic sleep. But Tau Ceti f is nowhere in sight and something is very wrong. What happened to all those people? Why are they so aggressive and attack without any survival instincts?
  • An immersive single-player campaign with a gripping story and over 7 hours of Gameplay
  • Horror atmosphere and fast-paced action accompanied by intense background music
  • Lifelike zombies and lots of detailed upgradable weapons
  • Voices provided by professional voice actors
  • The option to choose between two playable characters (male/female)
  • The option to upgrade your character throughout the campaign
  • Two special abilities (Bullet-time and Devastation).
  • Other challenging game modes to accompany the campaign missions.
  • A few minigames to challenge the player.
BadFly Interactive
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Windows; Mac