Day and Night
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A fictional world

High Concept

An exotic world, unlike another; the world is centered around the planet Kramp, a planet for which its sun position never changes. It is a story about Captain Kramp after whom the planet is named.


Planet Kramp. Named after its first ruler, the famous adventurer Captain Bjorn Kramp, it is located in Sector 18:(172):AE, in the NGC1300 constellation. Planet Kramp, discovered in 3211(PU), is a planet unlike any other. It rotates and revolves around its sun Gregan13 in a way that the sun’s position for Kramp does not change…ever. One side of the planet has eternal day and the other has eternal night. Both extremes uninhabitable.
Located at the outer edges of the constellation in the Eridanus Cluster; and being one of the first planets to be inhabited in that system, it once served as the gateway to Eridanus. A gathering point for anyone wishing to enter the System it grew up from a market base to an outpost everyone wanted to control. And then it turned to this:
It is a world everyone avoids. Even though filled with riches due to the weather extremes, miners avoid it. Even the best bounty hunters chose to let their prey escape if they enter Kramp. It is a base for the scum of the Universe, the entire Gregan13 Solar System is ruled by pirates and outlaws. You can even say it is their headquarters. Continuous Skirmishes go on between different factions over control of the Twilight zones, the only inhabitable places on this planet. Only the fittest survive. But this was not how it was in the beginning.
This is the story of Bjorn Kramp the pirate, the explorer, the adventurer and his planet and how things so turned out to be.

From the archives


2783(PU): the planet Eradβ6829 is discovered. It has big possibilities to harness endless energies of a sun. Hence the UNISEF (United Nations Inter Stellar Expedition Force) decides to set up an emergent Scouting party to set up a base camp on the planet.
He is Captain Bjorn Kramp, a supposed veteran of many expeditions, currently fallen on bad, very bad times. Because of internal politics his promotions have been limited and he has been restricted to being a desk jockey. Recently he was also accused of embezzling from UNISEF resources.
Somehow he got a chance to volunteer and lead a mission to this planet. In order to escape these political ordeals, he decided to go.


“I will kill that son-of-a-bitch. He has been fucking up all our plans.”
“Do we really need all these permits, no one is going to check out here.”
Ruth and Simon were really frustrated with the setback to the expansion plans. Ruth as his usual self was shouting expletives and threatening to kill someone or the other. But Bjorn needed to be calm at this moment. He really needed the ambassador to recommend his plans to the admiral.
They had been in this base camp for almost half a year now. Though year meant nothing on this blasted, bloody, mother-fu…he needed to be calm…goddamn planet. Even after all this time Bjorn had kept his furnishings to the minimum. He and Simon occupied the only seating in his quarters, the standard issue chairs. Ruth too frustrated to sit was stomping around the room. All their carefully crafted plans could only be carried out after the bastard’s approval. Shit if Ruth didn’t kill him, he surely would. He needed a walk. Present company would only get him more agitated.
The planet had a strange beauty to it. One could keep staring at the everlasting sunset, or was it the sunrise? You had all the time to stare, to observe, things wouldn’t possibly change. He walked out of his quarters towards the general quarters. He wanted to talk to his personnel, he had been a soldier after all. All his life he had been a soldier. He still was a soldier, at least he thought that. Oh! such doubts, of course he was a soldier. He had been burrowed behind his plans for too long. He needed some action; the men needed some action. The camp though intended to be temporary, had become a solid fortification. As he started to walk towards the mess, he was joined by Gabel. The bodyguard was still not comfortable to walk beside Bjorn. It had been half a year since Buck’s death, it didn’t pain him anymore but that was a big loss. Maybe he himself wasn’t comfortable enough with Gabel. He needed to work on that, he had to trust him with his life after all. Well he would worry about that when his plans would start working.
The battle for the base camp seemed a distant memory. The troops had followed through the setup and mining operations eagerly, enthused by the winning momentum, but it was all fading now. It was tough to keep them in line after this long a time. They were not engineers, this was supposed to be the vanguard. Where was Roland? He should have arrived with the engineering corps 1000 hours back. If he had been backed by his technical expertise, the dumb-wit ambassador wouldn’t have been making such delays. He had to discuss with Ruth and Simon about his demands, how to go about. None of the demands were too big but, if he succumbed to such extortion in the beginning itself, who the fuck knows how it will end up. It was just the beginning o’course. He needed to fortify the entire planet. He needed more troops, he needed more ships. He needed proper supply trains for proper food. This planet would not be just another outpost. This planet was his, his men had died for it. Once he had transformed this base to a stronghold he could get his family, they would soon be in danger after all.

Possible Game Narrative

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