Day 6
Published 2 years ago
even more even more Shooter
It is getting a little frustrating with the outdated-ness of the tutorials that I'm following. I'm trying to use Visual Community in prep for the change over, so I know that that is an issue, but there is also an Update File that I need to also look at when there is something different that has been Updated in the Tutorial. I understand that things change and are changing at a rapid pace, and that I need to push through this to learn, but it does sorta feel like I'm behind the eight ball on this. There seems to be a lot that has changed and trying to understand how to use what Unity currently is is one thing, and also switching back between old tutorial and new update doc is rather cumbersome. I'm hoping for either new tutorials, or to get to a point where the tutorials deal with stuff that hasn't changed. wish me luck. I think I'm going to have to go over the past few of these again to make sure I understand them.
Matt Donle
Fledgling Learner - Educator