Day 3
Published 3 years ago
Cart before the Horse
So I just found these Interactive Tutorials Here. They were very easy to follow along with and I should have technically done them before the Roll-a-Ball one. No worries though. It's always good to reinforce concepts. I didn't really learn anything new per se, but it was cool to see how easy it is to move around and change things in Unity.

No more support for Monodevelop

I just saw this article regarding the discontinuation of Mono-Develop support for Unity. I've downloaded Visual Studio Community and will let Unity know that I prefer to use it instead of Mono-D. I figure it would be better to switch sooner rather than later since I'm new at this. I also noticed that the article says that Mono-Develop doesn't support new features of C#, I'm wondering what those features are, but one thing at a time.

Space Shooter Setup

I didn't have a ton of time tonight, but I did do the setup for the Space Shooter tutorial.
Matt Donle
Fledgling Learner - Educator