Day 15
Published 3 years ago
Survival Shooter - Harming Enemies & Scoring Points
This weekend started with a 48hr power outage, but it has been restored and I'm getting back to 'normal' whatever that means. I did two sections this time as I want to ramp up this week. I mainly want to get going with the 2d roguelike Tutorials because this week is the 7DRL competition. I've always wanted to try it and even though I'm not going to again this year, my contribution will be to learn how to make a RL in Unity, cuz RL's are cool.
Raycasting is mainly what you'd think it is. Casting a ray. Or more basically, drawing a line (either visible or not visible). These sections were mainly going over preexisting code and uncommenting out specific lines.
note to self - find the comment/uncomment shortcut.
Matt Donle
Fledgling Learner - Educator